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Best Interior Designers in Bangalore
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We are a team of highly-skilled and extremely prolific interior designers in Bangalore. Our interior design company in Bangalore can transform the client's vision into reality, even better than their imagination. We have a close-knit team of interior designers and interior architects who are well-versed and highly skilled in building residential interior spaces as well as commercial interior spaces which work both practically and aesthetically. Our thoughtful and innovative interior design solutions are initiated by partnering closely with our clients. Interior design companies in Bangalore aim at thoroughly understanding the client's taste and likes and transforming them into the interior design solutions.With extreme values in place, Design Arc Interior decorators in Bangalore can take every step towards excellence in interior design services.We believe in the power of design, thus create design-savvy interior spaces that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also very functional in character. We align core values and dynamic use of space in the creating of best interiors in Bangalore and other cities.

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Home Interior Designers in Bangalore

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In Addition to our commitment towards excellence
We are a leader in creating inspiring Commercial, Residential interior and turnkey interior design & build company Bangalore.
  • Interior Design Consulting
  • Trunkey Interior Contracting
  • Move Management
  • Soft Furnishing
  • MEPDesign & Contracting
  • Interior Renovation

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Interior Design Firms in Bangalore

Space planning and concepts development

Home decorating is like giving your house a new birth and from the exclusive selectable. At Design Arc, an interior design company in Bangalore can bring your dream home into a reality. In the initial stages, our best interior designers in Bangalore identify the nature, location, purpose, space, and extent of the design work, drawing out information from our clients about specific needs, habits, colour and style preferences, and more. Written, sketched, and verbal brainstorming sessions take place where our interior designers can bring out their visualization, problem-solving, and detail-oriented capabilities, filtering out unworkable ideas and further refining workable ones. Our top interior decorators in Bangalore visit the site, making sketches which graphically visualizing the location and its orientation, space allocations and spatial relationships, colour schemes, and the likes.

Home Interiors Bangalore

Design presentation

In the planning phase, our interior designers provide a conceptual drawing, which includes scaled floor plans; it shows materials and finishes, mood boards, showcasing colour, and the placement of the furniture. Our Interior decorators will provide the construction drawings which includes; 1. Design elements (window treatments, wall coverings, trim and paint). 2. Architectural features (such as windows, doors, elevation, sections). 3. Ceiling plans (lighting fixtures), 4. Floor plans, site plans, and perspective drawings. 2D drawings are sketched out, with the designer explaining every single detail until the client's doubts are clear. The illustrations, at this point, also include a written specifications list which describes in detail all materials and furnishing to be acquired, and a schedule listing the kind, finishes, and placement of the design and architectural elements.

Interior Design Bangalore

Design Evaluation

Once the final designs are approved, it's time for the implementation phase of the project, marking the realisation of the plan. The many an interior design company in Bangalore will now seek contractors' bids, with the skilled designers preparing detailed schedules of the works, usually employing Gantt Charts to design construction, installations, and finishes in their proper scheme of things. Then our job is ordering the accessories, furnishings, and materials, which the interior designers are managing and balancing budgets with the actuals. Design Arc also shoulders the weighty responsibility of filtering the delivered goods with quality and corrects specification, marking, reordering, returning, and repairing items according to the client and project specifications. In this stage, our interior designers and decorators make regular site visits for co-ordinating progress, inspecting the quality of artistry, and resolving on-site issues. while managing budgets and schedules at the same time. Our interior decorators responsibility includes floor planning, wooden works, modern electrical accessories selection, lighting fixtures selection, natural lightings, glamorous kitchens, custom cabinets selection, custom wooden door panels, Tables, designer fabric sofa, carpets, windows treatment, color schemes selections, upholstery selections, wall mounted modular wardrobes, wall paintings, wall papers, arts, fabulous antiques, interior glasses, porcelain home decor selections.

Interior Design Companies

Design and documentation

After the client finally approves the drawings and sketches, Design arc interior design firms in Bangalore working out the cost estimates for the project, which includes everything from labour charging fees to materials charging fees. At this stage, the project costs can be estimates, since precise expenses can estimate at the final, working sketches and drawings are submitted to installers, suppliers, and contractors for their further bids for materials and labour. Design Arc the top and best interior design companies in Bangalore works with a critical path project timeline or time frame, showcasing the events in consecutive, sequential, and overlapping order, as well as proposing a completion date for the project. The final design documentation, which includes the sketches, schedules, specifications, and timeframes are what transform into the contract of the interior designer with the client.

Budget Interior Designers in Bangalore

Project execution and delivery

After the client finally approves the drawings and sketches, Design arc interior design firms in Bangalore working out the cost estimates for the project, which includes everything from labour charging fees to materials charging fees. At this stage, the project costs can be estimates, since precise expenses can estimate at the final, working sketches and drawings are submitted to installers, suppliers, and contractors for their further bids for materials and labour. Design Arc the top and best interior design companies in Bangalore works with a critical path project timeline or time frame, showcasing the events in consecutive, sequential, and overlapping order, as well as proposing a completion date for the project. The final design documentation, which includes the sketches, schedules, specifications, and timeframes are what transform into the contract of the interior designer with the client.

Best Interiors in Bangalore

As one of the best interior design companies in Bangalore, we don't believe in half measures. Once the project is complete, post-occupancy evaluations will be conducted to measure the success of the design solution after the assessments are done by talking to the client in detail and making revisions and adjustments wherever necessary. Investing in a house takes a lot of hard-earned money, energy, and time. Here is where our interior designers step in - to augment the value of your home by serving as an extra set of eyes, making sure that your home decor doesn't go overboard, both in aesthetics and budgets. Get the best available contractors and workers to work on your home interiors, help make and design your house differently and bring in the 'wow' factor, and necessarily take the stress off your shoulder to give you a home interiors that you love.

We are Interior Design Company in Bangalore

Founded in 2006, Design Arc Bangalore interior designer provides one-stop interiors and decor solutions in Bangalore and other cities. We are a team of passionate designers and one among the top interior designers in Bangalore. With a penchant for excellence, we are obsessive about delivering quality work, and our passion for great designs makes us the most versatile budget interiors in Bangalore.
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Our Projects

Interior Designers in Bangalore


I had picked Design Arc interiors off the net. And its natural to be apprehensive about the quality of service and deliverables when the source is internet . But in every sense Design Arc proves this belief to be a myth.

Best Interior Designers in Bangalore


It's not easy to be one of the leading players in the most competitive business. Here's how they earn the greatness:1. Jyothish is excellent in beyond the box thinking2. Jabir finds smart ways to execute the plan and is always on top of the project3. They have an efficient and dedicated team which often complements to the core idea4. The entire team works in an agile mode and open to accept requirement changes almost at any point. Finally, what you can expect is nothing less than a brilliant home interiors !!

Interior Design Companies in Bangalore


We hired Design Arc interior designers in HSR layout for the interior of our Villa in (Nambiar Belezia) Bangalore. Our interior companies in bangalore worked very close with my family to understand our choice and our need and requirements patiently, they do have well experienced design and execution team who supported us and made our work very quick.

Interior Decorators in Bangalore


As new in Bangalore and looking for interior design work for our flat. We have some interior design ideas for our home. We came across finally to work with Design Arc Interiors. The 3bhk flat was handed over for interior work and matching accessories independently as we had a limited time to look after the work.

Apartments Interior Designers in Bangalore


Design Arc team is a group of professional interior design people and helped me turn my entire home interiors into a lovely place to live. Their patience and perseverance helped to arrive at & understand our family requirements and convert ideas to real house interiors. We strongly recommend their work and we wish them all the best for their future projects.

Top Interior Designers in Bangalore


My home was completely remodeled into a modern home by design arc architecture companies in Bangalore over a period of 3 months. Do yourself and your house a favour, hire Design Arc luxury interior designers in bangalore today!!

Home Interior Designers in Bangalore

Pradeep Jen (Associate Director - at Shadowfax )

Shadowfax, Bangalore. Working with Design Arc Interiors was an incredible experience. Recently our office got designed and executed by design interiors, I must stay They have such a creative way of seeing things. They have a very professional approach towards project

Our Clients


Best Office Interior Design Company Bangalore Award 2019

we awarded for multiple design awards since 2010. We thank to all our clients who had given us the chance to make it.
Year 2019

Design excellence awards Bangalore 2018.

We awarded for Design excellence awards Bangalore 2018. We Thank team Design Arc entire for being such a valuable addition to our creative team and all our clients who believed in us.
Year 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I choose the right interior designer in Bangalore for my home?
    Firstly, identifying your style is important to be able to communicate to the designer. You need to go over their portfolio and see what kind of projects they've done and how they've performed. Meeting the designer, building trust, and setting expectations is extremely important - then you'll know how they can handle situations. Budgets are also important - and designers need to be communicated that to. Lastly, you do need to keep an open mind when it comes to choosing an interior designer and go with the flow, while asking for constant updates.
  • What are the benefits of hiring the Interior Designer and Decorator in Bangalore?
    Interior designers create interior living or work spaces according to the needs and requirements of the clients. An interior designer is a problem-solver, designing and creating spaces which better the people's quality of life. Interior decorators, on the other hand, don't create interior spaces - rather they embellish them. Interior decorators work on spaces which already exist, adorning and furnishing them with good-looking, fashionable, and functional things.
  • How do I choose the right interior designer in Bangalore for my home?
    Indian interior design is undergoing a drastic change, with interior designs from all around the world becoming extremely popular. To that end, we offer our clients a range of interior design types from around the world, including Beach-style, Eclectic, Midcentury-modern, Mediterranean, Minimalist, Industrial, Modern, Traditional, Contemporary, and even Nautical styles.
  • What to consider while hiring the interior designers and decorators in Bangalore?
    Interior designers are knowledgeable about the field of interior design. They know exactly how to convert what you want into reality. Homes can be energy efficient, while using materials that are not costly. They have connections for sourcing both high-quality materials and good quality workers for the project, plus save the time that you'd have to invest in doing up your new home.
  • What are the interior design and decoration trends in 2022?
    Few things you need to consider are - setting budgets that you don't ideally want to cross, deciding how you want the spaces to be in your home to communicate to the designer, what timeline you'd like the project to be completed in. You also need to see the personal involvement of the designer in the project, the trust they exude while speaking with you about your dream project, and whether the expectations of the two parties match.
  • What are the furniture trends for 2022?
    2022 is brimming with brand new interior design and decoration trends geared towards style and function both. These include custom furnishings, pastel-coloured kitchens, kitchen islands, houseplants and botanical imagery within the house, walk-in showers, and powder rooms, among others.
  • What are the new interior design colors for 2021 and 2022?
    Furniture has always been an important part of home decor, whether it is for style or whether for comfort. Some fantastic furniture trends that are all set to make a big splash in 2022 are the continuing demand for rattan, wicker, and cane, made-to-order, customized pieces, vintage chairs, and curved furniture, right from sofas to beds.
  • How the interior design business grows in 2022 compared with 2021?
    The life-affirming coral was the Pantone 2021 colour of the year, and shades of coral showed up in everything from bedroom wallpapers to media room Barcaloungers. Pantone's 2022 color of the year is the gorgeous, royal "Classic Blue". So, blues are all set to rule the roost for 2022, whether it is furniture, wallpapers, or even little touches such as lighting fixtures and throw pillows.
  • What is an Interior design company and how do they work?
    Interior decorators help give life to your dream house through detailed planning of the layout and decor. They plan the best use of the available space and match it with the colour scheme. THey would know exactly the right light to accentuate the flattering part of the home. They can basically help you out in procuring the materials like lightings, soft furnishing among other things. THey provide detailed drawing and scale models so that the client get visual idea of what they can expect. Most of them show the samples of earlier work to help clients understand them better.
    The right Interior designer can manifest your thoughts and emotions into reality through the design, layout and furnishings. They will enable your home to speak your language
  • Why is interior design important?
    To get Value for money, one needs to make an informed choice amongst the innumerable options that they are bombarded with. Quality that fits your requirement, doesn't always mean durable. In today's fast moving world, it might translate into flexible or shift-able. Latest furnishing know how, its availability and the right source to procure it from is something one needs to know before choosing their decor. The lighting effect on the colour scheme, technical details and the after effects of decor set up etc is something only a interior designer will be able to help with.
    Another major advantage of hiring interior designers is their ability to help you optimize the available space. With expanding metros and shrinking living spaces, it is imperative to utilize the available space to the maximum.With right consultancy, functional usage of space can be enhanced quite a bit as can be the space efficiency. Interior designers can turn the work space more productive by just working on the lighting effect and choosing the right colour, texture and pattern.
  • What is the difference between interior designers and interior decorators?
    Interior designers are the experts who would plan the layout to use the space most optimally and yet productively. They would know where the false ceiling would work and where the electrical lining and plumbing system is best fitted. They are the ones who can give the finish to the office or home aligned with construction solutions.
    Interior decorator on the other hand are the ones who are into soft furnishing and the decor of the room. They work on the lighting, colour scheme, theme and the image that the office or the home projects. They work on the exterior look of the room .
  • How to choose an interior design company in Bangalore India?
    Simple rule of the thumb is, the older the company is, the more experienced it is, which means they have tried and tested many options and know the best solution. Also
    • The testimonials of the customers who have used the services
    • The digital footprint and the content put forth.
    • The work which has already been done.
    • All the above three will give a fair idea about the expertise, bandwidth and execution of the project undertaken.
    It is also important to know that the interior designer is the best suited to meet your requirements and so it will pay to note a few things from your end too. Identify your style and make sure the work done by the designer matches it. The next most important step will be the cost. Set a clear budget before meeting the designer. Go with an open mind and ask questions without holding yourself back. It is always advisable to make notes and compare them later on. Always ink your agreement and work around a mutually agreed schedule.
  • How the interior design business grows in 2022 compared with 2021?
    Increase in disposable income has changed the way that Indians are decorating their homes. Today, a larger percentage of the population is spending on the interior design of their homes as compared to earlier. Today, people want their homes to not only be sophisticated, chic, and trendy, but also well-equipped, smart, and unique as well. So, the use of standard furniture is going down, and the difference can be seen the most in 2021 vs. 2022.
  • What colour of cabinets are in style 2022?
    A trend for cabinets that continues to be extremely popular is mixing painted cabinets with natural wood shades. Upper and lower cabinets have been painted in complementing colors with differing textures. This not only keeps the functional look, but allows for some interest and warmth in the form of colour as well.
  • What is interior design company in bangalore?
    An Interior design firms in bangalore possesses expertise in designing the interior of a building, whether it is retail, hospitality, commercial, or residential, to achieve design experiences and an environment that is distinctive, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Why should you hire an interior designer or interior decorators in bangalore?
    When you hire us to design your space, you hire an interior design expert who has had decades of experience. We know how to manage space and how to make it look awesome. That's not all. Our experience and expertise interior designer and decorators will save money and time for you.
  • What type of projects can you do?
    DesignArc's profile features all aspects of interior designing for residential and commercial spaces. Design Arc and its prolific team are well-versed in offering highly functional, ergonomic, and striking interior design services to homes and offices in Bangalore and other cities.
  • What other services do you offer?
    Design Arc also offers interior design services in bangalore for outdoor/indoor areas of the home, kids' rooms, home offices and gyms, and even staircases. We also provide interior design services for commercial projects like museums, community centres, warehouses, libraries, and more.
  • Can you manage the entire project?
    Yes, Design Arc Interior designers and decorators in bangalore can undertake the entire project from the beginning to end. We invest time in understanding the client's likes and tastes and incorporate the same into their home and office spaces, transforming them with distinctive and unique interior design solutions.
  • How long will our project take?
    The time taken to complete a project depends on the project and what it entails and requires. But once we commit on a timeline, we deliver on it.
  • What will be your project cost?
    Get in touch with us and allow our experts at DesignArc Interior design firm to help you out.
  • What is the cost of interior design in Bangalore?
    Interior designers like any service provider cannot work on a fixed cost because the product and service is customized in each case and therefore cost differently in each case. They do have certain basic cost factors on which designers base their quote on:
    The theme selected by the customer plays a major role on the costing as a simple theme would require common decor but a specialized theme would require custom-made and in turn more expensive accessories and furnishings.
    The space or the Sq Ft is also a major cost component as obviously, larger space needs more work and furnishing. The larger area needs more labour in terms of electrical fit outs and painting etc
    The decor or the furnishing or the material used also plays a major role in costing as much as floorings, choice of material for the ceiling etc does.With so many choices flooding the market, there is always the option to renovate in any budget that you may have. Many Interior designers have different prices but an average base price starts from 300,000 INR for about 1000 sqft of course for more information just contact us [email protected]
  • What does an interior designer's cost include?
    As mentioned earlier, interior designer services are extremely customized ones and so a common costing is not always possible. However the following are the common charges
    1. Site visit Charges: The visit to site and gathering customer requirements is the first step and any designer will have to include these in their fees.
    2. Iteration charges: Since most of the requirement is expressed verbally, the chances of getting it right in the first go is extremely rare.Also this being a customized service, iteration is a norm.
    3. Design Charges: Design charges also are included in the design interior's costing as that is the core value addition
  • Which interior designer is best in Bangalore?
    In Bangalore. Karnataka, alone more than 2816 Interior Designers and Decorators are registered service providers. Of course there are countless free lancers and interns but here we are taking into consideration only serious and experienced vendors.
    Among these Design Arc ranks on the top, thanks to the longstanding patronage of its customers over the decades that it has been serving.
    "Affordable prices and exact requirement gathering is the key to our customer satisfaction and delight1" claims Mr. Jabir, Founder, Design Arc.
    Design Arc serves various segments of customers, running from Small scale Industries to medium and many premium corporates too. Providing customized solutions to the clients, Design arc is adept at providing "value for money" at every level.
  • Who is the No 1 interior designer in Bangalore India?
    With decades of experience and countless, delighted customers, Design Arc rules the roost by simply "listening" to the customer needs, both expressed and unexpressed. Their key strength lies in perceiving the customer requirement and the ability to procure anything anywhere at the most economical pricing. Having built a huge network of suppliers over the years through trial and error, they are the best advisors on what to buy where as far as decor is considered.
    This added with the passion that the team has to manifest the customer dream into reality had ensured a large customer pool who are happy and delighted with Design Arc
  • What are the latest Interior Design Trends in 2022
    With the onset of hybrid offices, renovation is in the air and refurbishment a necessity. 2022 has ushered in its style with functional needs in a rather quiet by sure steps.
    Hybrid office translates into multi users of the same space which in turn means the places have to be multifunctional. Homes and offices are more open and even dependent on technology. Smart homes and high tech accessories are no longer a luxury.
    Back to nature is another call that almost everyone is sensitive to. Apart from trying to connect to nature, many are looking for sustainable and organic solutions. Going green is now a social responsibility which has permeated into almost every home and office. Outdoor offices too are popular as an extension of the same spirit.
    Consumers are expressing extreme sensitivity to light and colour scheme. This year had ushered in a consciousness of the factors affecting our subconscious. The trend is actually the reflection of the people evolving towards conscious living.
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